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Strategic Marketing Integration For Business Synergies

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NexTransact LLC is a Pakistan Based Company specializing in Strategic Marketing Integration.

We create business synergies for our partners by matching core values and marketing integration. With in depth knowledge of international business landscape, we provide business intelligence to our clients for optimal usage of their assets.


We believe “Together We Win”.

With Next Level business intelligence we complete profitable Transactions.


NexTransact is a Strategic Marketing Integration platform.

NexTransact platform is an integrated marketing solutions provider based on smart networks and business intelligence.


A Smart Marketing Integration Network

+ Local Presence in select regions

+ Business Intelligence

+ Marketing Front End

+ Expert Sourcing Buying house

+ Integrated Logistics solutions

+ Multi Model Transactions


Growing Foot Print

NxT is in process of developing alliance based MFE/BH in the following regions


  1. South/Mid Asia (Pakistan, UAE, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka)
  2. Africa (South Africa, Kenya)
  3. Americas (Brazil, Canada)
  4. Europe (Turkey, Germany)
  5. Far East (China, Malaysia, Singapore)
  6. West/Central Asia (Iran, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan)


With the power of Network, NxT boasts a robust marketing solutions for products and services from each station.


NxT for SMEs

We are also gearing up to provide full fledge Marketing Front end services to SMEs. This will greatly help small enterprise to play at the global level with a very viable and affordable solutions. NxT will act as their front end office in the select areas, making the first contact with business intelligence based clients, follow-up, sampling, providing office services and attending local exhibitions.


Core Strengths

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Brands Management

We do Brands Management in which we are representing best and exciting emerging brands. We identify proper match making for local business who are best fit for the brands we represent. With precision marketing we create a win-win formula.

Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence combines business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help organizations make more data-driven decisions.

Marketing Font End/ Buying house

We provide professional Sourcing and Marketing services for our partnered clients. Quality assurance, timely productions, best cost pricing and logistic management are key focus areas in this service.


With Specialized digital marketing tools, we reach out target segment for optimal communication based on business intelligence.

Our Team

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Mansoor Ahmad Khan

Illustrious carrier as professional diplomat for over 35 years. First hand knowledge about emerging markets and extensive networking with local business community. He brings on board Business Intelligence Bridge necessary to Marketing Integration strategies.

Abdul Rahim

With over 25 years’ experience in Aviation Industry. Abdul held different portfolio’s in Sales and Operations of airline management.  He has working experience in Pakistan, UAE and Germany. Always believes in adapting technology to work very closely with customers with high focus on their needs. His top most goal is to build a team which drives results and growth.

Wasim Ali Khan

An experienced Business Executive has demonstrated to lead diverse teams of professionals to new level of success in industries, competitive markets, and dynamic environments. He has profound knowledge of the global Logistics and of Supply chain process. His extensive travelling and communication skills has enabled him to positive interaction with people of different cultural backgrounds.

Majid Rafiq

A Strategic Marketing Integration Specialist  with over 22 years’ experience in project management. Majid Rafiq has been involved in International Trade and building close network of buying/marketing platforms.  Additionally he has been consultant for Media Marketing strategies.


Under Line
“To make a global marketing network based on alliances and partnership emerging through trust and integrity using combined business intelligence and following golden trade traditions and ethics“.


We believe in

+ Alliances & Partnerships

+ Sharing & Mutual growth

+ Trust & Integrity

+ Win-Win transactions

+ Traditions & Heritage

+ Diversity & Collaboration

Our Network

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